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Common Locations That Leak During a Storm | SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

Ceiling panels with fungus outside house from water pipes damaged or rainy leaked Water damage is just one of the many effects storms can have on your home, but we are here to help! Call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties today.

Rain, snow, sleet and hail can all impact our homes in different ways. While certain damage situations are obvious and can leave you with noticeable damage, other issues can be lurking just out of sight.

Tracking down a water leak during a storm can help you minimize damage and can help you stay in control of the situation. We explain the most common areas in your home to check during a weather event so you can stop a water issue in its tracks. 

Your Windows and Doors

Our homes do a really good job of protecting us against the elements, but they aren’t invincible. Anywhere that has direct access to outside has the potential to leak. Windows and doors can have gaps that form around them, whether it be due to aging structures or improperly installed materials.

In any case, even the smallest crack can lead to a water leak if the rain is blown against your windows. In addition, any exterior doors can also become vulnerable to water issues. Water can get up underneath your threshold and lead to warping, sagging or even rot problems. 

Up on Your Roof

We rely on our roofs on a daily basis to keep us dry and safe during severe weather, but they can also suffer damage if the conditions are right. A single weather event can lead to broken or missing shingles, but it can also lead to serious impact damage if a tree or other heavy object falls on it.

If the leak isn’t caught in time or is outwardly noticeable, the water leak can slowly drip down your attic walls and can infiltrate virtually every room in your home. It can sag floors, ruin drywall and even compromise the joists behind your walls and under your floors. 

Along Your Foundation 

If you live in a low-lying area or have trouble keeping your carpet dry when it rains, you know all about the importance of keeping your foundation dry. If the rain falls heavy and fast enough, it can overwhelm your gutters and pour over the side of your home. This water can leak down your foundation and can soak your carpet and other materials in your lowest level. 

Suffering water damage during a storm can be really frustrating, especially if the situation left you with standing water or extensive issues. Contact our water damage restoration team for an immediate drying, cleaning and restoration and we will work hard to make sure you recover right away. 

Our team can help you overcome water damage. Contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties today.

We Are Prepared For the 2022 Hurricane Season

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

Image of a hurricane from space. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is the areas top storm response team available 24/7 to service homes and business of Rhode Island & beyond.

Researchers at Colorado State University predict a higher than average Atlantic hurricane season in 2022 with at least 19 named hurricanes and 9 hurricanes. The researchers also predicted that at least 4 hurricanes will be a category 3 storm or higher. SERVPRO Franchises are located along coastlines know to be prone to north Atlantic hurricanes. We have helped to restore property following all major storms that have hit our territory in the past decade, making us one the most skilled storm management restoration teams in America. 

What is the best way to manage storms?

  • We manage your response effectively and transparently, keeping you informed with daily updates and constant communication.
  • We have a ready workforce that is willing to work in multiple shifts (if necessary) to ensure the best possible clean-up and restoration.
  • We can supply dehumidification and air-moving equipment for any size project.
  • After restoration is completed, we can quickly and accurately estimate your reconstruction project. SERVPRO guarantees the craftsmanship of our skilled and experienced construction crew.

Although we are available before, after, and during storms, we recommend that you contact us BEFORE the next major storm to get your FREE ERP (Emergency Ready Profile). This gives us quick and easy access to any information that we consider relevant about your property in the event of a storm.

Flood damage can cause serious flooding to North Kingston flooring.

4/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees enter a building with drying equipment. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is available when storm-driven water damage affects your property. Call us 24/7.

After a flood, there are hundreds of drying and recovery steps that must be taken to determine what materials can be salvaged and which materials should be removed. It is standard practice to remove as many exposed materials as possible in situations with contaminations exceeding categories 2 or 3. For concerns of category 1 (clean drinking water), this approach is not necessary. These situations can be caused by wind-driven rain from missing windows, or runoff entering through compromised sections of the roof.

Many older homes in the area have hardwood flooring. This can make it a focal point when SERVPRO restorers are addressing flood damages in North Kingston properties. Wood flooring does not require much attention beyond removing the water surface. However, it is possible to dry the material quickly and prevent its replacement.

The use of sophisticated detectors and cameras is necessary to determine whether any material can be salvaged. Surface meters are able to detect water beneath the wood plank's top layer, but advanced techniques like thermography can show where moisture is present. These results and readings can help determine where mats or other drying tools are placed to remove water trapped beneath the plank.

Oak plank flooring, a hardwood flooring type, has a longer lifespan than other types. This is due to its lower porosity. This flooring can be dried if it is the only area that needs drying after flooding damage. We can control airflow and draw moisture from the material by tenting in drying mats.

Flooding can cause damage to many materials and contents in your home. Our SERVPRO team of experts in Newport & Bristol Counties can help you protect more structural elements. Within hours of receiving your initial call, we can start our assessment and respond quickly to your emergency. We are available 24/7 at (401-847-8145

For more information about North Kingston, Click here

Winter Storm Damage Can Be Difficult, Be Prepared With A SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Cars drive down a snowy highway. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is available to help you this winter if a storm damages your property. Call Us 24/7!

SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Profile allows businesses to register their properties with their local SERVPRO project manager for free. This profile details the property or properties for your local SERVPRO project manager so that in the event of an emergency we are already prepped and detailed on the ins and outs of your facilities. This can be worth thousands of dollars in damages when a disaster like a major storm brings damaging weather to our area. 

For example, in the winter, large snow storms can damage power lines and turn off power and heat for properties throughout the region. When this happens many commercial properties will be left empty and the cold weather temperature can damage equipment and cause water supply lines to burst. If that company has an up-to-date SERVPRO ERP (Emergency Ready Profile), their local SERVPRO Project Manager will already know where to go in the building to shut off water, electricity and access other important areas of the property.

If you would like to learn more about this free preparation service call us today. Our project manager will schedule your property walk through before the next big winter storm!

Storm Damage Repair Newport RI - Providence RI

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Roof Damage After A Storm SERVPRO Storm Damage Repair Team Is Available When Disaster Strikes. Call Us 24/7.

Storm damage can result in serious and expensive property damage. Restoration companies can be hired to clean up waterlogged floors, repair roof damage, and replace windows that have been damaged but make sure the storm damage repair company you hire is well-respected in your local area.

SERVPRO's Construction team is available to help you with your single-family home, multi-family property, or commercial property. Our team is skilled in storm damage restoration. We have worked with several insurance companies to fix homes and buildings. Our team of highly-trained technicians is ready to handle any storm-damaged property. We will also work with your insurance company to ensure that you get the best coverage. You may be able to stay in a hotel or with your friends if you are unable to leave the property due to immediate dangers.

Your home can be damaged by flooding and storms. Some types of storm damage are not dangerous, but others can cause serious harm to your home. Flooding on the main floor could pose a threat to your family's safety. After a storm, the first thing to do is to protect yourself and your home. Residential storm damage restoration services can restore your home to pre-storm conditions. Also, you should contact your insurance company to request a temporary solution.

Storm Restoration Services in Newport Rhode Island

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Restoration Near Me SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is the areas #1 Storm Damage Restoration Team

Newport, Middletown, and Jamestown are some of Rhode Island’s best known and most populous islands. These islands are connected by beautiful bridges that span across the Narragansett bay and are home to some of Rhode Island’s most picturesque landscapes and homes. But, as with most oceanfront communities, these islands are susceptible from flooding storm surge and heavy rains.

Tropical Storm Ida provided us a reminder of how powerful storms can inundate islands like Newport Rhode Island and Jamestown Rhode Island causing flooding and damage to homes and businesses. The slow moving tropical storm dropped several inches of rain in a short time, in some places up to 8” of rain fell in less than 12 hours. Thousands of homes and businesses across the eastern seaboard were affected by the storm and experienced some form of storm flooding. 

Our response team was available throughout Tropical Storm Ida and began restoration processes as soon as it was safe to do so. We are one of New England and New York’s most experienced storm restoration team. We have worked to help restore homes and commercial properties in Rhode Island and New York after superstorm Sandy. We provided support and restoration services in Houston after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 as well as in Florida after hurricanes Irma and Michael.

Commercial Storm Restoration is where we set ourselves apart from the competition. We help your business recover quickly, and keep you operational, and work in multiple shifts to complete your restoration quickly and efficiently. We are especially helpful for business owners that are already aware of vulnerabilities in their properties. In these scenarios a Project Manager will develop an Emergency Restoration Protocol for your properties in the event of a storm. This allows us to quickly determine the best course of action and preparations needed when the weather forecast is unfavorable. Call our office today for more information.

Storm Damage Repair and Drying

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

storm water being flushed down the gutter canal The east coast of America has been flooded by heavy rains and other weather systems over the last few weeks.

The east coast of America has been flooded by heavy rains and other weather systems over the last few weeks.

Our Disaster Restoration team has been working tirelessly to restore and dry homes and businesses across the eastern seaboard. We're far from done. Our busy season is just beginning.

You will need to have several restoration teams ready for major events such as hurricanes. There is also the changing of seasons, which can bring on the winter storms and the possibility of flooding due to the snowmelt melting or pipes burst.

We encourage all our neighbors to make preparations for the winter as well as other weather-related events that could damage your property. A successful restoration begins with preparation.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties’ works with almost all major insurance providers and has the resources to manage and complete large-loss projects. Contact our office today, (401) 847-8145

Do You Need Professionals to Remove Water After Flood Damage to Your Newport Home?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO's state of the art equipment helps us to provide excellent service. We leave your home only when it is dry and ready for a build back.

SERVPRO Offers Newport Residents a Fast and Trustworthy Water Removal after Flood Damage

Flood damage to your Newport home necessitates water removal from your property before SERVPRO professionals can begin the restoration process. Floodwater often contains suspended solids and other debris that can be removed with the help of special pumps. 

SERVPRO technicians use different extraction equipment to remove standing water after flood damage to your Newport home. The equipment used depends on the amount of water to be removed, solids present, and how high the water needs to be lifted. While some pumps can handle a lot of suspended solids, others have a higher water lifting capacity. SERVPRO techs also pay close attention to the level of contamination in the water and take appropriate precautions during water cleanup

Types of Pumps SERVPRO Uses During Flood Restoration of Your Newport Home

Some of the most common pumps that we use in Newport homes include-

  • Self-Priming trash pumps- These are used during water removal services when there is much material suspended in water. However, they have a limited lifting capacity and are useful when the suction lift is less than 25′. The pumps are powered using gas or diesel and variable in sizes. 
  • High-pressure pumps- SERVPRO technicians use these pumps when a high lift is desired, but they don't handle suspended solids well. We use them to extract water from basements and underground garages. 
  • Submersible pumps- One of the most common types of pumps that SERVPRO techs use. They run on electricity, are quieter than other pumps, and available in a wide range of capacity (can remove 100 to 18,000 gallons per minute). We use these when water is removed from occupied spaces. 

Call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 for any water damage-related issues. 

What Unusual Effects Are Likely To Emerge From Flood Damage In Your Newport Home?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded home You can rely upon the professionals of SERVPRO completely during a flooding disaster cleanup.

SERVPRO Provides Highly Trained Technicians to Address Even Any Fire Damage Outcome in Newport 

After water intrudes into your property, it kick-starts a chain reaction of issues that can affect any part of the structure or even the items you have in the house. The most visible effects of flood damage include the soiling of surfaces and deterioration of materials due to moisture exposure.

Flood damage in your Newport home might also involve other less apparent issues which might be challenging to identify or resolve. For instance, if the water reaches power outlets or other electrical components, it might lead to short-circuits, corrosion, and other problems. Removing the water and drying the components is necessary. Condensation can also transfer moisture damage from initially affected areas to other sections of the property. Finally, the contaminants dissolved in floodwaters can remain in the property even after cleaning.  

SERVPRO is well versed with the restoration of flood damage and can therefore address common issues as well as unusual ones. We are comfortable with:

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties has extensive experience in handling different aspects of flood damage. Call us at (401) 847-8145 if your property is affected. 

SERVPRO Helps Newport Residents with Flood Damage

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Flood damager is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for fast and immediate work.

Newport is a beautiful coastal city worth exploring.

If you are looking for a seaside getaway, look no further than Newport. This elegant coastal city on Rhode Island has long been a popular destination for people wanting to enjoy the sea air.

Newport was founded in 1639. By the mid-nineteenth century, it was a popular spot with wealthy people who wanted to build homes by the sea. During this Gilded Age, moneyed families built many stunning colonial houses by the coast. Wealthy families such as the Vanderbilts, Wideners, and Astors constructed "cottages," which in reality bore more resemblance to the grand palaces of Europe. 

The best way to see Newport

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Newport is by taking a stroll along the Cliff Walk. This public path stretches for 3.5 miles along the coast and is one of the city's most famous tourist attractions. You can walk the whole thing in two or three hours, or pick some of the best spots to explore:

  • 1st Beach is at the beginning of the Cliff Walk and is one of Newport's most popular beaches. The beach has a carousel and hosts festivals, concerts, and a volleyball tournament during the summer. The beach is quieter and an ideal place for walking or exercising your dog in the fall and winter.
  • Bailey's Beach is the most exclusive in Newport. During the Gilded Age, members of the elite families bathed here, so they did not have to mix with the ordinary people! The beach is still private today, but there are some stunning views nearby. You can also visit Rejects Beach. This is the Northeastern part of Bailey's Beach and is open to the public. Despite the name, it is a lovely place to stop off.
  • Bellevue Avenue sits at the opposite end of Cliff Walk from 1st Beach. Here you can view the famous luxury mansions such as The Elms, Rosewood, and Marble House.

How flooding affects the Cliff Walk

Being so close to the coast means stunning views and fresh sea air, but unfortunately, the Newport climate also means some flooding. Hurricane Sandy hit the area in 2012 and washed away large sections of the Cliff Walk, which had to close. After a $5.2 million restoration project, the Cliff Walk reopened in 2014.

Floods are an ongoing issue in Newport, with rising tides putting historic homes at risk. Properties near the coast often flood, especially as some of the older houses are as little as 4 feet above sea level.

SERVPRO is quick to deal with flood damage

When it comes to flood damage, it is vital to get help as quickly as possible. The longer water sits in your home, the more damage it can cause. Thankfully, SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster. We aim to arrive at your home within four hours of your first call.

The key to swift remediation is:

  • Immediate assessment of the situation – we use moisture monitoring tools for a full picture.
  • Securing the location – we deal with slip and fall hazards, tarp the roof if needed, and ensure a safe electrical supply for our equipment.
  • Creating an effective drying environment.

For quick flood damage remediation, call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145.

Pick Up Some Locally Made Artisan Gifts In Newport

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

A Christmas tree in a room. Go out and take a look as well as support your local community, and possibly get your shopping lists completed for the holiday.

Newport’s Local Artists Association Has Something For Everyone

Shopping locally for gifts is very satisfying. You get to support the local community and find one-of-a-kind gifts that your loved ones are sure to remember.

Shoppers in Newport are in luck this year, thanks to Wickford Art Association’s Small Works Art Show & Sale. 

  • Browse works by local artists who are members of the association.
  • Locally-created art pieces at affordable prices.
  • All art is under 14” so it is easier to wrap or post.

New art is arriving daily, and you do not have to pay sales tax! The exhibition runs till December 22, and entry is free. Find the art at Wickford Art Association, Beach Street, North Kingstown.

Drop-in between noon – 3 PM on December 6 for a special meet and greet with the artists.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties knows that homes and businesses near the beach are at risk of flooding or damp problems. If you need help with flooding restoration, call us at (401) 847-8145.

Could Recent Flooding in Newport Cause My Roof Problems?

10/22/2020 (Permalink)

Homes in flood waters Regardless of how your property was affected by flood waters, SERVPRO is the effective company for water removal services. Call right away.

Many Structures in Newport Sustain Flood Damage in Unexpected Locations, Including Upper Regions of the Property.

When flooding occurs in our area around Newport, the water forcefully pushes against anything in its path. This includes neighborhood homes and businesses. Additionally, the effects of such intense forces that weaken the structural members are compounded by elevated humidity that can leave a property susceptible to secondary damage.

Property owners might notice cracks in upper story walls or that the roof now leaks in their home after flooding transpires in the Newport area. The flooding may have twisted the frame, and humidity and an abundance of interior flooding often cause issues with fixtures, plaster, drywall, and paneling. These two conditions can intensify each other, making any pre-existing deficits even more pronounced. SERVPRO’s crew is skilled in mitigating the damages to walls and roofing. The integrity of your roof is crucial to the fitness of your house, especially during the winter months. The risk of ice dams developing increases when gaps exist between the outside and your home’s interior.  

SERVPRO performs various types of services on homes damaged by flooding. These include both internal and external repairs.

  •   Opening walls makes framework structures accessible to brace areas, so they no longer move out of alignment.
  •   We repair cracked areas and replace wallpapered or paneled sections. This can include ceilings.
  •   Repairs to the roof can include more than shingles. We may need to dry the attic crawl space with heaters and dehumidifiers or replace insulation before removing the protective tarp. 

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties knows how to work with you to restore roofing and other structural damage and make everything "Like it never even happened." Ensuring that your home’s structure becomes stable and secure is as important to us as it is to you. Call (401) 847-8145 for an evaluation of your house and expert guidance on your options.

Do External Factors Interfere with The Restoration of a Flooded Home?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

heavy rain hitting roof; blurred trees in background Unfortunately, storms often cause flooding. Should your home flood, call SERVPRO for fast remediation.

SERVPRO's Years of Experience Restoring Flood Damage Within Newport Area Gives Us Unique Insights in Handling All Issues  

When your home is inundated with filthy floodwaters, your focus is on removing the water, cleaning the affected areas, and restoring any damaged materials. Therefore, you might consider any action that seems to help you achieve these goals as beneficial. However, some external factors might change the trajectory you have planned for the restoration process. An experienced team of technicians from SERVPRO can help you understand or even anticipate some of the issues, thus running a smooth restoration exercise at your Newport home.  

Which external factors can interfere with flood damage restoration at my Newport home?   

You may expect the decision, whether it is to renovate the house or choose other extreme alternatives such as demolition, to be clear cut once you establish the extent of damages caused by the Newport flooding incident. Issues such as saturation of materials with moisture and soiling of surfaces are easy to address, especially with help from an experienced team like SERVPRO. However, an incident can also involve severe problems such as:  

  • Cracked or collapsed walls due to hydrostatic pressure 
  • Deep contamination of porous and semi-porous materials 
  • Foundation or basement wall cracks  

In case of such issues, renovating the property or the affected section is usually not feasible because of the expenses involved. In some cases, the problems are irresolvable. Sometimes the decision is influenced by external factors such as:  

  • Conditions set by your insurer 
  • Legal implications that demand the house to be torn down 
  • The need for demolition and hazardous material disposal permits  

Regardless of the outcome of a flooding incident, local regulations might require you to comply with requirements such as filling in the basement or raising the house to give it higher ground clearance. Our SERVPRO technicians provide such information before starting any restoration processes to choose an approach that complies with the regulations from the outset.  

Why are demolition permits necessary?  

Flooding incidents in Newark might necessitate complete or partial demolition of sections of the property. Since demolition involves tearing down various materials, it can release harmful substances such as asbestos or chemicals such as lead and mercury. Permits are issued to ensure only qualified people handle the dangerous materials, and that the proper disposal methods are used after removing the contents from your property.  

With help from our SERVPRO technicians, getting the necessary permits is easier since we have the skills required for handling hazardous materials. We are also conversant with regulations governing disposal processes, including finding designated dumping sites for dangerous materials rather than sending them to regular landfills.   

What conditions are insurers likely to set if my home floods?  

  • Site protection 
  • Salvaging materials to save cost  

If you have an insurance cover that caters for flooding incidents, you do not have to worry much about the cost implications loss. However, your insurer may require you to adhere to specific regulations for faster processing of your claim. One essential thing insurance companies mandate is the protection of affected property to halt further deterioration. Deterioration can be caused by:  

  • Rodents and other small animals 
  • Weather elements such as rain 
  • Acts of vandalism  

Our SERVPRO technicians can help protect your damaged property by installing roof tarps and boarding up wall openings. We use sophisticated approaches to ensure sufficient protection. For instance, we use durable tarps when securing roof openings to provide adequate protection should the renovation process takes months to complete. When boarding up the walls, we use materials that create substantial barriers. For example, instead of merely attaching plywood boards on walls to seal openings, we can use the bolt-with-tension approach whereby we bolt the plywood to two-by-four planks so that it is held in place through tension. Since the plywood overlaps the exterior part of the wall, while the planks overlap the interior wall, the solution provides sufficient security without physical damage.  

What materials can be salvaged after flooding?  

Moisture accumulation, which is the main issue during flooding, affects a wide range of materials on the floors, siding, and other sections of the house. Most of the damage occurs on the floor, especially on porous floor covers such as carpets and pad, so there is heavy contamination and accumulating of significant moisture levels within their structure. On the other hand, wall materials such as the wooden frames, doors, and window trims and fittings such as cabinets might accrue fewer damages, and thus it is possible to save them.   

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can help you deal with any flooding incident, "Like it never even happened." Call us any time at (401) 847-8145.

How Can I Protect My Family from Dangerous Contaminants Due to Flood Damage in North Kingston?

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding in the kitchen and livingroom We answer inquiries at (401) 847-8145 day and night, 365 days of the year.

SERVPRO Is Vigilant When Managing Category 3 Water, Using Research-Based Best Practices to Keep You and Your Family Safe from Flood Damage in North Kingstown

The hurricane season features storm activity that batters the entire Eastern Seaboard, including our North Kingston community. High winds, torrential rains, and storm surge all contribute to the chaos and damage flooding inflicts on houses in the area. The chance of exposure to dangerous contaminants carried in by the floodwaters is understandably worrisome to residents. Whatever company you hire to remove the flooding must have a robust and proven response to the cleaning and disinfecting required after it contains and lawfully disposes of the fluids.

What Kind of Contamination Might Be in the Mix of Flooding Fluids in My Home?

When flood damage occurs in North Kingston, a broad range of potentially hazardous substances can mix into the watery mess filling the spaces in your home. Rainwater is by far the most common component which might seem “clean,” but as it falls, it picks up airborne pollutants. On the earth’s surface it continues to gather contaminants as it heads into your home:

    •    Dirt, sand, oils, grease, and paving materials picked up as the rainwater flows over roads, parking lots, and sidewalks
    •    Industrial waste as the flooding rolls over business sites
    •    Landscaping chemicals from your own and neighboring lawns
    •    Overflow from sanitary sewers
    •    Dead animals, insects, and garbage
    •    Storm surge

Do I Need to Worry About My Home’s Waste Backing Up During Flooding?

If the municipal rainwater drainage system is overwhelmed by torrents of precipitation, it stands to reason that the waste draining through your sewer line risks pressure-based backup in the absence of a backflow valve. When the SERVPRO crew arrives, we evaluate all safety considerations, never ignoring the perils posed by the Category 3 water collecting in the lower levels of your home. We immediately check for sewer line contamination. The blood and fecal-borne organisms suspended in the water can cause severe illness and even death if not managed promptly and according to lawful best practices.

Does a Local Company Have the Capacity to Handle Highly-Contaminated Water and the Knowledge to Discharge It Lawfully?

Our technicians and managers are trained and well-prepared through coursework from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to contain and dispose of tainted flood waters appropriately. Do not fear if others in your neighborhood face the same type of crisis as our resources are vast and scalable. Our ties to the community are intrinsic as we live and choose our base of operations here. Still, we also have access to a nationwide network of IICRC-trained and commercial-grade-equipped flood disaster professionals if required.

What Are the Phases of Flood Damage Mitigation and Remediation?

An inspection of the extent of the damage and the nature of the contaminants and other hazards.

Using IICRC training and our managers’ considerable on-the-job experience, we plan out the interventions needed to bring your home back to “Like it never even happened.”


Debris Removal
Using shovels and rakes, workers remove the solids swept into your home. This decreases the chance of clogging our equipment.

Hidden Water and Moisture Detection and Measurement
By employing devices that sense and meter moisture amounts, we locate flood water in building cavities. If needed, we take steps to use limited demolition techniques to release the water -- drilled or sawn holes or flood cuts in walls parallel to the floor and several inches above the flood line.

Water Removal
Submersible pumps positioned in the deepest places of the flooded area evacuate the bulk of the water. Truck-mounted extractors take out the residual standing water, capable of pulling off 36,000 gallons a day per machine. Pumps and truck-mounts operate on gas or generators, capable of extraction even if your electricity is temporarily disconnected. Portable backpack extractors can reach confined areas.

Water Containment and Disposal
Pumps drain into treated sewer lines, and our truck-mounted tanks can hold more than 100 gallons. Management keeps current with local regulations and arranges for the necessary paperwork and lawful disposal.

Cleaning and Disinfection
Our crews clean all affected surfaces with EPA-registered products and apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit the chance of pathogen regrowth.

Structural Drying
Data from the moisture testing plus measurements in unaffected areas in your home help us create drying goals. We then use air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to evaporate, capture, and contain for disposal the trapped moisture.

Hire the experts at SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties with confidence when flood damage creates messy and potentially hazardous conditions in your North Kingstown home. We answer inquiries at (401) 847-8145 day and night, 365 days of the year.

My Walls are Wet After a Flood in North Kingston, What Do I Do?

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145.

SERVPRO Uses Specialized Techniques to Restore Your Walls in North Kingston

Our technicians understand how enduring a flood in your North Kingston home can be a traumatic experience. Having your walls or ceiling absorb water may be shocking, but with professional assistance, restoration is possible. Depending on how the floodwater damages your home, our technicians perform procedures such as flood cuts to mitigate further damages.

Does SERVPRO Rip Out the Entire Wall? No, Our Technicians Perform Flood Cuts

When flood damage impacts the walls in your North Kingston home, our technicians remove the bottom portion, extending several inches above the actual damage to ensure moisture does not spread. Ideally, cuts are at the 24 or 48 inches, so drywall panels are easily replaced. Technicians remove the drywall and insulation behind it. As part of the complete drying and restoration process, technicians replace the drywall panels after completing the work.

What are the Benefits of Performing Flood Cuts?

    •    Removing impacted drywall stops the spread of any bacteria found in category three (black) floodwaters.
    •    Allows technicians to remove damaged materials, including drywall and insulation.
    •    Flood cuts give restoration specialists access to the area behind the wall.
    •    It provides access to dry inside the wall cavities with high-velocity air movers.

What Would Happen to My Walls if We Did Not Perform Flood Cuts?

    •    Long-term exposure to moisture can cause wearing of building materials impacting the structural integrity.
    •    The moisture could spread throughout the wall, which could foster mold growth.
    •    Unpleasant odors may develop if moisture in and behind the walls is not removed.

Flood cuts may seem like an extreme measure. However, they may save a good portion of your wall if performed quickly enough. In addition to flood cuts, technicians address other areas of your home impacted by the floodwater.

For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Do I Call Contractors Before Restorers for My Storm-Damaged Newport Home?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

leaking roof from storm Having leaking issues after the storm in your Newport home? Call SERVPRO the professionals for their skilled help.

From structural breaches to flooding, our SERVPRO team can help with full-service restoration and recovery. 

When you are contending with flooding in your Newport home, you might be unsure as to which professionals you need first. Contractors can help with sealing up structural openings allowing flooding, but standing water can continually damage exposed materials. 

Our SERVPRO crew can offer both of these primary services with the same response. We have an emergency response team complete with both licensed residential contractors and water restoration technicians to address the full spectrum of potential loss effects from a violent storm passing through your area of Newport

What Are Emergency Services I Can Expect? 

Our emergency response team works to secure the residence before even mitigation work begins. The focus of our pre-mitigation attention in your home is to make the property safer for our responding technicians and to prevent costlier losses. Some of the emergency actions our team can take include: 

  • Extraction
  • Temporary Construction Solutions
  • Content Management 
  • Controlled Demolition

Storms in our area can be violent and unpredictable, leaving breaches in your roof or siding for water penetration to occur. Our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties emergency response team can help. You can reach us 24/7 at (401) 847-8145.

Who Should I Call After My Home Floods?

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

furniture in two feet of water floating Call your insurance carrier and then SERVPRO for floodwater removal and restoration in North Kingston

North Kingston Residents Should Be Ready to Call their Insurance Broker and a Professional Restoration Company After a Flood

The uncertainty of weather patterns can leave an area such as North Kingston vulnerable to flooding. A rise in water levels can cause outside water to enter your home, carrying bacteria, debris, and waste that can pose a danger to your health. As you file an insurance claim and explore your next steps, you should contact a reputable restoration company.

Flood damage in North Kingston is a job for SERVPRO. We are members of your community and strive to minimize your loss when disaster strikes. As soon as the area is safe to enter, you can count on our crew to begin our assessment of the damage and tailor a recovery plan that meets your needs. Call our 24/7 hotline and let us apply our knowledge and expertise to your home.

What Should I Discard After a Flood?

Deciding what to salvage and what to discard can be difficult. Emotions aside, some objects should not remain in your home, for they may pose a threat to your health by allowing bacteria to reproduce in your home. Our SERVPRO team helps you make that determination, generally abiding by the following guidelines-

  • Remove upholstery
  • Remove carpet
  • Preserve most flooring

Each home has its specific needs, and SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is here to help. Call us at (401) 847-8145 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Does Seawater Make Flood Damage Worse?

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

"Need help?" SERVPRO Leaves Your Flood Damaged Home in North Kingston Only When It Is Dry and Ready for a Build Back.

SERVPRO Provides Expert Flood Recovery When Saltwater Damages North Kingston Homes

Weather patterns and rising sea levels contribute to a problem unique to coastal areas. Flash flooding during storms is complicated by significant amounts of saltwater entering and overwhelming residential properties. 

How Can Seawater Flood Your Home? 

Flood damage in North Kingston can include significant seawater involvement. Duck and Bissel Coves bring saltwater far inside the borders of our oceanside town. Rain and wind storms produce strong surges of ocean water, while king tides cause flooding of shoreland. 

Why Does Saltwater Flooding Do More Damage?

Rainwater is already destructive, reacting with materials to break them down ruined for future use. Flooding already necessitates rapid extraction and drying to halt progressive destruction and secondary issues like mold. High levels of salt in seawater lead to:

  • The water becoming more conductive of heat and electrical charges, increasing the risk of electrocution
  • Swifter corrosion and rusting of metals
  • The accelerated weakening of building materials
  • Erosion around foundations makes soil less stable as its chemical composition changes, breaking down common foundation materials over time
  • Faster mold growth because of organic substances

Why Does Saltwater Damage Recovery Differ from Normal Flood Restoration?

Merely removing water and drying out the structure of your home does not account for the deposits of salt that can remain throughout your home. Systems and materials damaged by the salt include:

HVAC ducting

The metal can corrode and distort, and fasteners loosen.


Copper and aluminum can corrode, risking shorts that can damage electronics and cause fires.


Metal pipes can rust, increasing the chance for leaks and water damage.

Wood and wood products

Delignification can occur when saltwater soaks into wood, pulling out the “lignin,” an organic substance that makes cell walls rigid. Severe weakening of structures follows.

How Do We Reduce the Salt?

SERVPRO uses fresh water to wash away the salt. Freshwater flushes through the affected space, and we pump and extract the steadily desalinating fluids. Throughout the process, we monitor salt levels until nearly normal readings occur.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties stands ready to handle complex seawater flooding scenarios. Call (401) 847-8145 to discuss the protocols and your options.

Learn more about North Kingston.

Flood Damage in Newport

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can ensure that your residence looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Mitigating Kitchen Flood Damage in Newport

Did you know that 90% of all natural disasters formally declared by the President of the United States involve flooding? This is no coincidence: flooding causes massive amounts of damage to numerous homes and structures and can do so in very little time. After just a week of exposure to water, wood and drywall can start to break down, and microbes have had time to proliferate, which can make it much more difficult to salvage a structure.

If your Newport residence needs flood damage mitigation that can act quickly, SERVPRO technicians are prepared to provide you with the services required to restore your home. These professionals utilize IICRC standards to maintain a consistently high standard of cleanup and mitigation that preserves homes across the region. Better still, your local SERVPRO is staffed by residents from the area who are in tune with the needs of the community.

Tips for Filing Your Flood Claim
    •    Get a certified copy of your flood policy. It is essential to both verify that you have coverage through the NFIP or other providers, as well as find out what precisely the coverage entails. Make this request as soon as possible.
    •    Get a damage estimate. Multiple estimates may be ideal before you submit your claim, so you know exactly how much you can get to cover costs realistically. Do not commence with repairs or disposal yet.
    •    Fill out a Proof of Loss. This form is a sworn statement containing your request for compensation, as well as a log of the damages incurred by the flooding. Send this within 60 days of the flooding.
    •    Contact an adjuster. Whether you use one provided by your insurer or an independent claims adjuster, these professionals can assist you with the claims process and submitting your Proof of Loss.

How SERVPRO Extracts Floodwaters from Your Home
Having the right extraction materials is essential to removing flooding. Many of SERVPRO's extraction tools feature three systems: vacuuming, heating, and pumping. If power was lost in your structure and a significant amount of water is still present, technicians can utilize gas-powered submersible pumps for water 2 inches in depth or more, or truck-mounted pumps for even more extensive water removal.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can ensure that your residence looks, “Like it never even happened.” If disaster has struck in your home, call (401) 847-8145 to have a team there within hours.

For more about Newport click here.

Salvageable Flooded Hardwood Floors in North Kingston Homes

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

Water spots on wood flooring. Having a flood in your North Kingston home can take over let us help with everything including your hardwood flooring.

Flood damage to your North Kingston flooring can be frustrating.

The determination of what materials are salvageable and which must get removed are some of the hundreds of drying and recovery decisions necessary for North Kingston homes after a flood. In situations where contaminations reaching categories 2 and 3 exist, it is customary to remove many of the exposed materials. This approach is unnecessary for category 1 (clean water) concerns. These situations exist from wind-driven rain coming in from missing windows or runoff pouring in through a compromised section of the roof.  

Older homes in our area often feature hardwood flooring, which can be a focal point for our SERVPRO restorers when addressing flood damage in North Kingston properties. Removing the surface water from this material is rarely the extent of the attention wood flooring needs, but implementing effective drying practices quickly can prevent the need for controlled demolition and replacement.

Determining the salvageability of any material in your home involves the application of sophisticated detection devices and cameras. While surface meters can often determine the presence of water beyond the top layer of wood plank, advanced approaches like thermography can help to show cold spots where moisture exists. These readings and results can dictate where drying implements like mats get placed to remove the surface and free water trapped in the plank.

Because hardwoods like oak plank flooring have a lower porosity than other flooring types, there is a more considerable period of salvageability. If this flooring is among the only areas that require drying after flood damages, we can regulate airflow and the steady draw of moisture from the material by tenting in the drying mats and exhausting the moist air to the exterior of the house.

Flooding can impact many of the materials and contents of your home in a destructive way. The faster that you can secure the experienced professionals of our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties team, the more of the saturated structural elements that we can protect. We can begin our assessment and respond to your emergency within hours of your initial call. You can reach us 24/7 at (401) 847-8145.

To find out more about North Kingston, click here.

Beach House Storm Damage Repair

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Sunset behind the Newport, RI bridge. Newport Rhode Island and the surrounding areas are vulnerable to damage from high wind coastal storms.

Last week almost the entire east coast experienced a heavy rain and wind storm that caused power outages up and down the coast. In New England, the most powerful parts of the storm occurred overnight so many were unaware of the power outage until they woke up to flashing clocks in the morning. Furthermore, many coastal homeowners and business owners were unaware (and may still be unaware) about damage caused to their properties during this "flash" wind storm. Along the beaches of Westerly, RI debris such as shingles, aluminum flashing, and lumber could be seen amongst the rock walls and along the beach. This debris was the result of high winds that battered highly vulnerable homes and businesses on the coast. If your home or business was damaged by this most recent storm, call our office today.

Despite a mild December; Winter is Coming

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

Sure we will have to wait until April for 'Winter to Come' in the world of Westeros, but here in New England, despite the mild December, winter is finally here. Below freezing temperatures have been consistent the last few weeks and it feels like snow will be on the ground any day now. Are you prepared? And more importantly is your home or commercial property prepared for the extended freezing cold weather? Here are some things you can do to make sure your home is ready for winter.

  • Check attic and basement eves - If you live in an older New England home chances are you have a vented attic if this is the case double check to make sure attic insulation is still in place and working and that there are no drafts in the attic or basement. If you have any exposed water pipes you should insulate them and if necessary install an electric pipe heating cable that will monitor the pipes and keep them warm enough to keep water flowing.
  • Make sure water to outside water faucets is shut off - Leaving water on can cause the faucet to freeze and leak, this slow leak will allow ice to form around your hose bib and your foundation with the potential to cause structure and water damage to the property.
  • Monitor the temperature in your garage - If you have an attached garage there is a chance there are water pipes within the ceiling or walls adjacent to the garage, monitor the temperature of your attached garage and, if needed, install an emergency heat source to kick on when the temperature is low. This can save you thousands in water damage in the case a pipe were to burst! 

Storm Damage Repair & Dry Out

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Heavy rains from Hurricane Florence and other weather systems have soaked the east coast of the United States over the last couple of weeks. Our team of Disaster Restoration techs have been working around the clock restoring and drying out homes and businesses up and down the eastern seaboard, but we're not done yet! In fact, we have only just begun what we consider to be one of our busiest times of the year. There are of course major events, like hurricanes, that when they occur require several teams of restoration experts to band together. And there is also the change of seasons that will bring with it the cold weather that will inevitably cause pipes to burst, ice dam and snowmelt flooding. We recommend to all of our neighbors to take this time of year to prepare for the winter and other potential weather-related events that could cause damage to your property. Being prepared is the first step to a successful restoration.

Hurricane Report: 2017

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Needless to say, it has been a busy hurricane season in the United States. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties has been busy serving the affected communities while also leaving an experienced crew behind ready to serve Rhode Island in case emergency restoration services have been needed. 

During the last few months, we have provided equipment, manpower, and management in the hurricane-affected areas of Texas, Florida, Louisana, Mississippi & Alabama. It has been difficult work and hard to witness the damage first hand but it has also been uplifting to see the resolve of the people who want to get back to normal and have pitched in to help their community.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties would like to send our continued support and prayers to the people of Florida and Texas. We are here when you need us!

Hurricane Season 2017: What to Expect.

7/10/2017 (Permalink)

As we begin the summer months it is important to note the start of the 2017 hurricane season is also underway. Meteorologist and scientist around the world believe this year we could see an increased number of Atlantic Ocean hurricanes due to a weak to non-existent El Nino effect.  SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties offers experienced leadership and crew members when it comes to hurricane damage and flooding mitigation.

Experienced team members play a crucial role in reducing the damage caused by severe weather, especially in coastal and island communities. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties managers and crew members have participated in mitigating floods across the country including floods caused by Superstorm Sandy in 2014.

Please take a minute to note this phone number, 401-817-8145, our office is available 24-7 and ready to send a prepared crew to your emergency situation in a moments notice. We offer several mitigation services that can drastically reduce the overall damage caused by weather.